I am super excited for the next Brighton VegFest 27/28 February  – like a child with a new pair of wellies at the first sign of a good thunderstorm.  To refresh myself, and outline something of an action plan to make my way round the exhibition, I went routing through all the leaflets and memorabilia I kept from last year. And yes, I am soooooooo looking forward to all the vegan foods, snacks, beer, new ideas and conversations with interesting, like-minded people. But one of the leaflets I came across reminded me of the driving reason why I made the decision to go vegan a couple of years back.

At last year’s exhibition, we were handed a leaflet from a representative of the organisation – We Are Vegan For A Reason.  In particular, the following sentence resonates with me – “We feel angry, sad & disgusted at how animals are treated. But our veganism isn’t just emotional. It is reasonable.”

imageIt’s not every day I’ll look at the constant reminders from sources like Peta, on some of the shocking treatment of animals globally.  But when you do stop to look and listen, it’s nothing short of horrifying.  But rather than spiral down into a pit of despair, I give myself a good kick in the butt.  From sadness comes a great strength and steely resolve. I love cheese, but there’s no damn way I’m eating it, if it means some sweet cow faces bad treatment at dairy farms.  Thanks to vreason.info for this insight, and continued access to data, research and the facts to educate myself.

A cow as a pet…imagine…If I could have a cow sat on the floor next to me right now, alongside my two furry buddies I wouldn’t hesitate…  Completely impractical, but wouldn’t it be lovely!  And from what I’ve learned, cows are extremely social animals, so you really couldn’t just have one…now could you?

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About Michelle

Michelle grew up in a culture where it was normal to eat meat at every meal. Watching close family suffer multiple health problems drove her to learn more about eating for health. After watching Food Inc Michelle took the plunge into veganism and hasn’t looked back since. She is now on a mission to bring vegan inspiration to everyone!