1. Give up meat – There is SO much empirical evidence now about the impact consuming meat has on our bodies, and it lends itself really well to a detox.  If the health aspect isn’t a strong enough incentive, then what about our old friend Mother Nature, or the overwhelming evidence of animal suffering.  And if you really must eat that burger, then try cutting down instead.  Think #meatfreemondays…  Think curious vegan part-timer… YOU CAN DO IT!

2. Avoid overeating –  Easier said than done, and something of a personal demon I face again and again (darn you vegan food for tasting so delicious!).  Overeating puts stress on our livers, which then creates toxins in the body.  Why not try a two-pronged approach to cut down?

  • Cooking at home – transfer half of what you’ve cooked, but don’t cook more than you do usually 😉 to a storage container for the fridge immediately before you eat.  There are some great containers out there that make this really easy.  My personal favorite is Sistema, and in particular the “To Go” range.
  • Eating out – be impulsive (it’s meant to be fun!) but when the food’s delivered, ask the waiter if he can bring a container for you to take half home.  If you’re being really environmentally friendly, bring your own container to the restaurant.

3. Reduce or eliminate processed food – This I am finding this increasingly harder.  There are a lot of vegan products coming onto the market which are heavily processed.  There are a lot of fantastic substitutes, and with a bit of work you can identify the ones which have not been subjected to lots of tinkering.  More thought on this soon…

Sprint Detox Nooch Badge

4. Include a super food – or two, or three..!  A detox just isn’t the same without them.  My personal favourites are Chia seeds, and Nutritional Yeast.  I’ve tried many different types over the past couple of years, both in the US and UK, and my staples now are Raw Health organic black chia seeds, and Marigold Nutritional Yeast flakes (lovingly known as nooch!)

5. Eat whole grains – This is a bit of a mantra at our house.  We’re good at making the whole grain choice, we just eat a lot of them (I refer you back to point 2)!

As a personal challenge, for the month of April I’m going to try packaging up food for all my meals to avoid overeating for the Month.  I’ll report back on how this went, and would love to hear from all of you too.

Together we can simplify happy choices.

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About Michelle

Michelle grew up in a culture where it was normal to eat meat at every meal. Watching close family suffer multiple health problems drove her to learn more about eating for health. After watching Food Inc Michelle took the plunge into veganism and hasn’t looked back since. She is now on a mission to bring vegan inspiration to everyone!