I’ve never had a vegan high-tea before…and then hey presto, in the space of a month I’m lucky enough to try the vegan high-tea delights at La Suite West. My second vegan high-tea in a month!

My wonderful sister had been planning this outing for over a year, but due to baby and work commitments we’d never got round to going. I had just recently been along to a vegan high-tea with the Hailsham Vegans so another high-tea was the last thing on my mind. But when the universe and our calendars finally collided we decided not to miss the opportunity and my sister booked for us.

After an interesting journey through London we arrived at La Suite West a bit hot and weary and were instantly made to feel welcome. The sky was looking a little angry, but we decided to brave it anyway and sit outside. The attentive staff quickly had us sat and within moments a high-chair was provided for my nephew. He looked on with growing excitement as the tea pots and finger sandwiches arrived (it wasn’t me who had to tell him the only thing on the menu for him that afternoon was a kind of “baby mush”).

Vegan high-tea delights with familyVegan high-tea delights the menuVegan high-tea delights with family

Vegan high-tea delights

The menu was interesting and I couldn’t wait to try everything.

  • Tier 1 – out of the finger sandwiches the portobello mushroom pate with cashew nut butter smashed it out the park for me. The tomato and sunflower seed pesto was super tasty too, but personally I was a bit disappointed with the scrambled tofu and mustard cress. Our picnic version using a recipe from the Vegan Recipe Club was way tastier!
Vegan high-tea delights at La Suite West


  • Tier 2 – the scones and whipped cream were heavenly. Gone were all thoughts of the tofu sandwiches as we broke open the warm, wholewheat scones which wafted cinnamon scents on the air as you slid your knife in. And while still in a trance from the scones…we were then completely blown away by the coconut whipped cream. This must be one of their best kept secrets – it was definitely a coconut base, but I have no idea how they got it so light and fluffy. Superb!
Vegan high-tea delights at La Suite West


  • Tier 3 – by this point we were almost at breaking point… But when a slate of artistic-looking mini desserts arrived, we couldn’t resist. The shot glass dessert in the centre had the most interesting layers of rich chocolate, with puffed buckwheat. I had never tried buckwheat this way before and it had me talking about it for ages!
Vegan high-tea delights at La Suite West

After all the eating, we felt it necessary to walk back to Victoria Station through Hyde Park to burn off some of the calories! The early evening felt crisp, with just a hint of Autumn in the air, and we delighted in the rustle of the trees and the cool breeze.

I felt so spoilt. Giddy having spent an afternoon alone with my sister and nephew (a rare thing!). And as if the day wasn’t awesome enough, mother nature then treated us to this humbling display…

Vegan high-tea delights sunset

If you’re looking for somewhere special to take a vegan friend or family member or if you simply fancy it yourself, I would thoroughly recommend La Suite West’s vegan high-tea. At £27 per person, including a glass of non-alcoholic bubbles and bottomless pots of tea, I thought this was a great treat that didn’t dent the wallet too much!

Simplifying Happy (coconut creammmmm…) Choices!

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Michelle grew up in a culture where it was normal to eat meat at every meal. Watching close family suffer multiple health problems drove her to learn more about eating for health. After watching Food Inc Michelle took the plunge into veganism and hasn’t looked back since. She is now on a mission to bring vegan inspiration to everyone!

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