It is so easy to grow fresh sprouts in your own home! With just a few items, you can be growing fresh, organic nutrition right on your own kitchen counter.

What you’ll need to grow fresh sprouts:

  • Something to sprout in (mason jar, tiered tray system etc)
  • One or more sprouting seeds
  • Fresh drinking water

My preference is tiered tray systems.

They are simple to use (no shaking required!) and also allow you to grow a few different seeds at the same time, adding real variety to your food.

Tray systems can come with as many as 3 or 4 tiers and a water collection tray at the bottom.

The tiers all have small holes in them, allowing the water to drain through every time you rinse them with drinking water. It also helps keep the trays humid, making the seeds grow faster.

Hints & Tips to grow fresh sprouts:

  • Always make sure the equipment is clean when you start
  • Use drinking water only
  • Don’t overfill the tiers with seeds, 1/2 to 1 tsp per tray is all you need
  • Spread the seeds evenly across the tray to help encourage even growth
  • Remember to empty the collection tray at the bottom each time, before watering (I’ve forgotten a few times, with some pretty comedic results!)
  • Don’t put the seeds in direct sunlight in Summer, but Autumn/Winter in the UK they do great sat on a kitchen windowsill
  • Rotate the trays every time you water the seeds
  • Rinse the sprouts before you eat them (including any kept in the fridge for later)
  • Store the sprouting equipment in a dark area (cupboard) when not in use

grow fresh sproutsSprouted seeds should be edible in 2-4 days depending on the type of seed. As a rule of thumb, I find the larger the seed, the longer it takes to sprout.

Sprouts can be kept for a few days in an airtight container in the fridge.

How to use Sprouts:

  • Salads – they make a wonderful crunchy addition to any salad, giving it a fantastic texture
  • Smoothies – a small handful of sprouts sat on top of a smoothie make for a stunning (Instagram worthy!) healthy drink
  • Sandwiches or Wraps – pop a few in and often you won’t even notice them. I still haven’t found a filing they don’t pair with.
  • Soups – Hot or cold, a sprinkle of sprouts on top of soup, and your guests will feel like they’re eating at a Michelin-star restaurant! Be careful with the more delicate sprouts like alfalfa, which don’t always stand up well to hot soup.

If you want to learn more about sprouts and their nutrition, read this post.

And if you’re ready to take the plunge, our Grow Your Own Sprouts kit is an easy and cost effective way to get you started straight away from your own home.

Simplifying Happy (sprout, sprout, sprout) Choices

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