VeganAge Co-founders

A Vegan and Vegetarian team inspiring and simplifying a more mindful future


Michelle VeganAgeMichelle grew up in a culture where it was considered normal to serve a breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, sausage and a small piece of steak! Hugely saddened she watched close family suffer multiple cancers and heart problems and it drove her to learn more about eating for health. From early adulthood she pondered on the eating of meat and dairy products while trying to reconcile production with the treatment of animals. On 1 January 2013 she took the plunge into Veganism after watching the documentary Food Inc on Netflix and hasn’t looked back since. Nothing surpasses Michelle’s passion for animal welfare, mother nature and a jolly good plate of delicious food or pint of vegan cider.  She looks for the inspirational silver lining on every vegan cloud that floats by…

Michelle is an Onion (with a hint of Asparagus)





Mak Archer VeganAgeMak has always loved animals and animals love Mak, there’s no middle road. He has been a devout vegetarian for 27 years, but battles to go the distance without the occasional piece of milk chocolate or a slice of cheese. He has however begun to question the dairy industry as more and more information has become available about the treatment of animals and manufacturing processes in the UK.  Mak can’t walk through a field of cows without the majority of them following him, and gently nudging him with their noses as he walks by. A technologist by profession but an animal-lover by nature, Mak always looking for the fun and laughter in life.

Mak is a Cabbage (with a hint of Brussel Sprouts)





Our Animals VeganAgeVegan cat loverMichelle and Mak have two dogs (Molly and Bear) and a cat (Titan) and dream of having a small field with a varied “herd” of animals to be part of the expanding family.

They regularly laugh out loud, and believe laughter is the best medicine…as well as the kale, sprouts, beetroot, spirulina and tofu!





Good stuff!

VeganAge donate 10% of profits each year to two charities they feel are the most in need. Watch this space for the latest information on who they are supporting.  Currently this is:

This hugely deserving organisation exist entirely on donations. We recently lost our dog after she took off after a deer in the woods, and my sister contacted them late on a Saturday night to give them details. Not only were they immediately responsive, but their search network and advice (and instant poster!) were amazing.

Founded in 1994 by Juliet Gellatley, Viva! campaigns for a vegan world through exposing abuse, monitoring research, and organising demonstrations all the while advocating veganism.