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Findhorn Flower Essence



Get straight to the heart of the matter with organic flower essence for good health and wellbeing.

The beauty of flowers – their colours, their perfume, their appearance, continually amaze us, delight our sense and open our hearts. They can transform our space and lift our spirits, and when we open ourselves to their beauty they can touch us deeply enough to change us.

Made by hand from pure Scottish water, organic cognac and flower essences, we have picked those which will enhance and support your vegan journey. Only the finest natural and organic ingredients are used in their production. Using the method of ‘sun infusion’ pioneered in the 1930’s by the eminent Harley Street physician Dr Edward Bach, the healing vibrational pattern and energy of the flower is imprinted in water and preserved as a flower essence.

  • Life Force

Boost your energy, alleviate tiredness and restore vitality. Help recover your enthusiasm and zest for life.

Perfect for the mid-road vegan looking to put the bounce back in their step!

  • Transformation

Change your ways and turn over a new leaf, helping provide the willingness and patience to change and grow.

To help you on your road to discovery. The vegan path stretches long and bright ahead of you, and this essence will strengthen every step.

  • Healing the Cause

Live life in fullness and acceptance, taking charge of your wellbeing. Find inner strength and secure hope, optimism and resilience.

For long-time vegans living wonderfully mindful lives and looking to enhance their overall holistic glow.

Flower essences are effective for emotions, attitudes and behaviours that impact negatively on our health and wellbeing. By taking the right flower essence you seek to balance the body’s electrical system, stabilise the nervous system and release negative emotions to heal yourself.

How do I use flower essence?

They have a wide range of applications and are most effective when used frequently in small amounts. When needed, such as in times of acute stress, use them up to several times an hour. These flower essence sprays are ready-to-take, spray them directly into the mouth. They can also be sprayed into your aura.

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