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Grow Your Own at Home Sprouting Kit

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Sprouts KitSprouts Kit

Sprouting is an easy way to good health. Now with this Grow Your Own at Home Sprouting Kit you can be up and running in just a few days! The kit contains everything you need, including a fantastic book by Edward Cairney who has many years’ experience in natural health care and nutrition.

“Sprouted pulses, nuts and grains are probably the most underestimated food available to us today and the best example of how we can, with very little expenditure or effort, improve our diet beyond measure. Pound for pound, they are more nutritious than any other food, cheaper and fresher. Yet for the majhority of the population, they remain a complete mystery and as such are not part of the daily diet”  – Edward Cairney

Grow your own at home, and get on the road easily to better health today.

Grow Your Own Sprouting Kit Contents

  • The Sprouter – 3 tiered seed tray with rinsing system
  • The Sprouters Handbook by Edward Cairney – including a simple to follow Sprouting Chart
  • Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds (40g)
  • Little Radish Sprouting Seeds (40g)
  • Broccoli Sprouting Seeds (40g)
  • Mung Bean Sprouting Seeds (40g)
  • Vegan badge by All Glamour No Guts


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1 review for Grow Your Own at Home Sprouting Kit

  1. 5 out of 5


    Could not believe how easy sprouts were to grow, and the tray kit is so easy to clean. Fresh sprouts all year round

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