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Stoneground chocolate almond spread 140g – Ridiculously good!


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Life needs a bit of smooth chocolatey goodness every now and then. When we discovered this amazing Stoneground Chocolate Almond Spread from Raw Ecstasy, it was pure nirvana!

We have used it in a number of ways but hands down our favourite recipe is baked or BBQ’d bananas with melted spread drizzled all over. A few other brands have been tested in the VeganAge kitchen and they don’t come close.

Not only is this spread absolutely lip-smacking, it is both stoneground and sprouted. The spread is made in small batches right here in the UK, using ancient methods. And if all that wasn’t impressive enough, it’s organic too!


  • Sprouted almonds (nuts 45%)
  • Chocolate (28%) (raw cocoa butter, raw cocoa paste, raw cocoa powder)
  • Raw virgin coconut oil (5%)
  • Himalayan crystal salt (1%)
  • Vortex revitalised water
  • Allergies: contains nuts and may contain mustard

This stoneground chocolate almond spread is smooth, light and an absolutely luxurious experience.

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