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Vegan Starter Hamper

Vegan Starter Hamper – Large


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Vegan Starter HamperVegan Starter HamperVegan Starter HamperVegan Starter Hamper

You’ve made the decision to go vegan and live a happy, healthy animal and environmentally friendly life…now what?! We’ve been there, you’ve made a momentous decision, and no doubt about it life will change from that day for the better, in so many different ways. We’ve carefully selected a number of products for this Vegan Starter Hamper that will help support you in your decision to go vegan.

Vegan Starter Hamper contents

  • Vitamin B12 supplement
  • Nutritional Yeast with added vitamin B12
  • Gluten-free chocolate cookie bites
  • Egg-free garlic mayonnaise
  • Egg-free omelette mix
  • Dairy-free Mac ‘n Cheese mix
  • Chilli Roasted Seeds
  • Dairy-free Italian “Parmi” topper similar to grated parmesan
  • Raw Chocolate Cluster
  • Raw Pizza-flavoured crackers
  • Vego chocolate hazelnut bar
  • Flower Essence “Transformation”
  • Vegan badge by All Glamour No Guts

Each hamper comes with a free recipe card with a suggestion for an easy to make vegan meal to try at home. It also contains a free “Portable Nooch Pot” to help you transport your nutritional yeast everywhere you go for an instant vegan nutrition hit!

This hamper is perfect for those signed up to the 30-day Vegan Society pledge or Veganuary. It will also be great for those taking a more flexible approach such as Meat Free Monday or those choosing to remove animal products from their meals for health reasons for a portion of their time.

Gift Options

Are you sending this to someone special? Our hand-written gift cards and unique recycled gift wrapping are just what you need!

If you’d like to send this as a gift please tick the “Gift Option” box at Checkout and fill in the “Notes” section letting us know how we can personalise the gift for you.

(Products within the vegan hamper are subject to change when we discover new and inspiring products we just can’t wait to share with you.)

10% of our profits are donated to our group of worthy charities or animal sanctuaries. Read the “About Us” section for more information on who these fantastic people are, and the amazing work they do.

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