The Scoop – Fashion

Matt and Natt backpacks and satchels
  • Still think these are the best vegan badges hands down! From the stylish “vegan” badges to the iconic heart “Nooch” these guys rock
  • custom painted t-shirts, and organic fabrics available
  • viva-la-vegan.comLove their “Cat that got the soy” bottle opener keyring
  • Yet to buy anything from them, but have been coverting their veg leather high-tops for some time…
  • Proud owner of one of their bags and love playing the “can you guess if this is leather” game with people who like the bag
  • You can search by “ingredient” on this awesome site, love it!
  • Lovely shoes from Bhava
  • SUSI studio vegan shoes are pricey but I’m already saving for a pair of the “Matilda’s”
  • Vegan Birkenstock Madrid Mules I do wish someone would come up with a vegan alternative for the silver mules, huge fan
  • DiOsA mini Ellen Site can’t switch to English, but how cool is this little clutch/make-up bag, made from pineapple fibre!
  • Lorelei Vegan Suede Shoes These are so delightful, and they’re produced using ethical manufacturing methods
  • The Herbivore Clothing Company I may not look quite as hip in a pair of sunglasses, but I’m the proud owner of one their baseball t-shirts